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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fitness Log

And now for something completely different.

On a blog mostly about writing, indie publishing and tech it might be odd to see a title like Fitness Log, but let's get something out there.  I'm overweight.  My weight has always fluctuated, when I was younger I would pack on weight during the winter only to shed it in the summer.  After the diagnosis of my son Owen's illness I began to add on the pounds slowly and never lost them again.  Stress, illness, stress, not eating right, stress, work issues, stress, willpower loss, stress, etc... led to be reaching 250lbs.

Inspired by friends who have lost weight, my wife who lost the stress weight over the last year, and the fact that I don't like being this heavy I am now taking the weight loss seriously.  Combine this with the fact that I will start making appearances for my books and I don't want to roll up looking like GRRM and I have a definite goal.

To that end I have purchased several pieces of gym equipment, am fixing up my bike and am taking on a revised diet and exercise plan.  I'll also be posting my progress on here as a means of motivation and encouragement for myself and others.

To start let's list the exercise plan:

Office Days:
Wake Up:  A40 workout 3-5 sets.
A40 workout:  10 Flutter Kicks, 10 Toe Reaches, 10 Pull Ins, 10 Reverse Crunches with leg Extensions
At Office, A40 Ab workout every hour, walk around building every 1-2 hours.
Return home and commence resistance training.
Ride Bike around neighborhood.
3x20 Bench Press
3x20 Seated Rows
3x20 Lat Pulls (alternating front and reverse)
3x20 Tricep Pushes
3x20 Bicep Curls
3x15-20 Kettle-bell Squats
3-5 A40 Ab Workouts
After dinner, cool down walk with the boys.  (Pokemon Go Walk)

Telework Days/Weekends
After getting everyone else out the door complete resistance training workout.
A40 Ab Workout every hour
Longer hike/bike ride as time allows.
After dinner, cool down walk with the boys (Pokemon Go Walk)

Diet Plan:
Breakfast:  No Earlier than 8-9AM depending in wakeup time.  Low/No Carb, High Protein  (Bacon and Eggs)
Lunch:  12 Noon timeframe, Low/No Carb, High Protein  (Varies depending on availability)
Dinner:  Post evening Workout, Low/No Carb, High Protein.  (Chicken, Steak, Salad)

Assuming that I can stay with this I hope to lose a significant amount of weight by my first official book appearance at the Olympic Collectibles Show on 1 October.  That is also when my new gym will open and I will start using their equipment and varying my workout more.

And since I am engineer, as well as a writer, let's go over my current numbers, which I will update weekly:

Height: 6'
Weight: 247lbs
Waist Size: 44"
Neck Size: 18" 
Bicep Size: 15"
Thigh Size: 25" 
Calf Size: 17" 
Chest Size: 46"

Ultimate Goal, assuming no major muscle weight additions, 200lbs, and  36" waist.

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