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Writing Groups/Workshops/Conventions:

Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Writing Workshop  SF Edwards is a Veteran Reviewer here.

Superstars Writing Seminar  Recommended by many successful indie and traditional authors.

Wyrd Con An LA convention for writers and transmedia creators.

We Writers Workshop.  A new online workshop, currently in beta, but with a great group already signed on.

RustyCon  A Seattle area convention with a strong focus on writing.

Norwescon  A Seattle area convention with a strong focus on writing.


Dragon Page  Hosted by Michael R Menangae and Michael Stackpole, a great podcast for writers.

Slice of Sci-Fi Hosted by Michael R Menangae and the rest of the Draco Vista studios team, one of the top sci-fi new podcasts out there.


Atomic Rocket  Created by physicist Winchell Chung, this is an excellent reference for anyone wanting to ad some real science to their sci-fi.


Book Baby  Noble Storm Books, distributor and a great resource of those wanting to cast off the shackles of the brick and mortar publishing world.


Sci-Fi Meshes  An excellent resource to find artists to help with covers and interior artwork.


Starship Crew Calculator v7.0  This tool has been a labor of love of mine for many years.  By just entering the pertinent information about your spacecraft it will compile a list of all the crew positions and number of crew members needed to fill the roles.  It is great for adding an extra level of realism for your starship designs. 

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