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Monday, September 5, 2016

Fitness Log 5 September

Fitness Log 5-September

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  I have not fallen off the fitness wagon, I have just been crazy busy.  The week of 22 August I was on travel for work and could not blog.  The following week, 29 August, and the Milestone A update, I was single dading it while my wife was on travel, and was so busy getting things and kids ready for school, and having last minute summer fun, that I couldn't get to it.  I still kept exercising though and the results are in the table below.

Not only did I hit Milestone A, I beat it into the ground.  Weight wise I was right on track, with a slight hitch the week before, damn you free office pizza.  But the waist measurement, I was an inch ahead, heck I was at, and am still at Milestone B for waist size.  I am thrilled about that.  Hitting Milestone B for weight might be a bit harder to achieve.  

I am getting stronger everyday, adding weight to my lifts weekly if not multiple times a week, which means muscle growth.  Muscle is denser than fat, so losing weight will require stepping up the Cardio something fierce.  I had intended to start doing that last week, but my youngest doesn't start kindergarten until this week, meaning I have to watch him all day.  My plan was to start biking for my cardio, can't bike hard with a 5 year old.  Oh well.

In other weightloss/fitness news.  My gym's opening is delayed until 1st quarter 2017.  The reason, their landlord won't let them do their construction at the same time as the other tenant.  So the current shop needs to complete their construction first.  This is frustrating, but since I repaired and reinforced my workout bench shouldn't be a huge issue.  They have also opened up their preview center at the mall for members to use and demo the equipment.  I will be making use of that facility soon, once the wife gets back, at least two to three times a week.

Many people have commented that they are seeing the results of my working out, even if the scale isn't.  My face and body are noticably thinner, but I am finding extra skin hanging out, and that takes a while to go away.

I am very happy with how my weight loss and overall fitness are progressing, but still have a long way to go.  And because it was requested, here are the first fitness log pictures I took and the latest to compare it with.

Yes there is still a belly, but it's tighter, and not as flabby.  I don't see the results as much, others do, so there;s that, and I can't argue the numbers.  Let's Go.

Also I will post more reviews and writing updates soon.  I am also looking at doing another design day.  I just have to decide on the subject of it.

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