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S.F. Edwards has spent the last nine years as a flight and operational test engineer for the United States Air Force. Prior to that he spent his time travelling the world ensuring that self defense weapon systems of the US Navy were ready able to protect thousands of American Servicemembers. S.F. has a diverse background in engineering as well as in aviation and space education as a former instructor at the US Space and Rocket Center's Aviation Challenge program. To this day his passion for all things aviation and space permeates his life.

S.F. currently calls the area around Edwards Air Force Base home with his wife and five sons, one of whom is afflicted with a severe lifelong disability. The boys are his greatest joy and he works hard to make sure that they will become responsible, capable young men.

S.F. is the creator and author of the Spiral War series of military science fiction novels. S.F. is also a regular contributor to and a Veteran Reviewer with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Writers Workshop.

SF currently has one book completed, Spiral War: On Dagger's Wings, and is in the process of completing the rest of the ten book series.

E-mail:  Spiralwar@gmail.com

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