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Monday, August 8, 2016

Fitness Log 8-August-2016

Weight Loss Milestone Chart

Week 2 of the fitness plan.  Above I posted my milestone chart with objectives and thresholds for the two major measurements, weight and waist size.  My wife pointed out to me this morning at weigh and measure in that I was measuring my waist wrong.  I measured it at my pant line, she said to do it and my belly button since that is where most of the fat is.  She says she's also noticed a change in my physique just over the last week.  I am well into this now, no turning back.

Had a slight set back this week though, got sick over the weekend, just overly fatigued, could barely move so I skipped the sunday workout.  I also had some carbs on thursday (homemade oatmeal, raisin and macadema nut cookies, hey I'm not made of stone.)  Friday (free pizza in the break room, again, stone man I am not.)  Sunday a pita sandwich at the airshow and pho for dinner.

Onto the numbers:

I am engineer, as well as a writer, let's go over my current numbers, which I will update weekly:

Height: 6'
Weight: 246lbs (at Milestone A threshold, 40% of objective, figuring on a start weight of 250 lbs)
Waist Size: 43" (pant line)
Belly Size:  45"
Neck Size: 18.5" 
Bicep Size: 18"
Thigh Size: 27.5" 
Calf Size: 18" 
Chest Size: 46"

I need to review and make sure that I am taking measures at consistent places.  The increase in neck, bicep and thigh especially are surprising.  On the other hand, I have increased the amount of weight I am lifting, so that I am getting stronger again.  The biggest problem with that is that my cheap weight bench might not be able to carry much more, and I don't have that many weights left.  Guess I need to run to goodwill and grab some more weighs and home depot to get some bar stock to reinforce the bench.

Can you see a difference yet?

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