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Monday, August 15, 2016

Fitness Log 15-August-2016

Weight Loss Milestone Chart, 15 August Update
Week 3 of the fitness plan.  We have some actual data points on the weight and waist size charts.

A quick glance shows that I am closing on the Milestone A weight objective, I've already passed the threshold.  The waist line Milestone A, I have surpassed Milestone A and am closing on Milestone B.

Onto this week's numbers:

Height: 6'
Weight: 244lbs (Past Milestone A threshold, 60% of objective, figuring on a start weight of 250 lbs)
Waist Size: 42.5" (.5" loss)
Belly Size:  44" (1 inch lost)
Neck Size: 18.5" (no change)
Bicep Size: 16.5" (no change)
Thigh Size: 27" (.5" loss)
Calf Size: 18.25" (.25" gain)
Chest Size: 45" (1" loss)

I am noticing a change in my face now when I look in the mirror, it is slimmer.  I am also lifting more weight or pushing more reps/sets everyday, so I am getting stronger and fitter.  In that way the weight numbers are not as upsetting, but I am still on track for Milestone A objective in two weeks.

The problem that comes is this:  My gym's opening has been delayed, possibly to October due to issues with another tenant in the building.  On the plus side they will open up the preview center in the mall for members to use free of charge.  We'll act as demo for the equipment.  They are also looking into placing a temporary preview center in front of the gym location in portables.  Neither of these is an ideal solution, but improve, adapt and overcome.

Exercise alone will not result in weight loss and to that end, this is what my diet became over the weekend and what I plan to try and keep to.

Breakfast:  1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil (solid) plus supplements (see below)
Lunch:  Small, high protein lunch, minimal carbs plus supplement.  This weekend the boys and I made real fruit smoothies for lunch, high fiber with protein powder.  I paid for that later that day.
Dinner:  Smaller portion, high protein, with salad.

Curiously enough, I'm not getting that hungry.  I get more psychological hunger as my brain reminds me that it's time to eat.  My stomach really isn't rumbling, except when I have too much fiber.  Based on the low carb intake I could be forcing my body into ketosis, so it is burning fat much more regularly, this a good thing.

I'm still dialing in my supplements, but for now, here we are:

Helix Nutrition RB-TON3R (x2/day, breakfast and lunch)
1000 mg Metabolic Matrix
  - EPA
  - DHA
  - CLA
  - Alpha-Linolenic Acid
  - Oleic Acid
  - Vitamin E

Cellucor Super HD (x2/day breakfast and lunch)
10mg Niacin
3mg Vitamin B6
250mcg Vitaming B12
250mg Thermosculpting blend
  - Green Tea leaf extra
  - Simpro Protein Hydrolysates of Blue Whiting
  - Dandelion Root Extract
250mg Sensory Impact Blend
  - many ingredients, hard to read, will fill later.

160mg Caffeine Anhydrous (this part left me jacked on friday)

100mg Vitamin D3

Overall, I am feeling great and think I have a real chance of getting this weight off.  I will be cutting in additional supplements as needed and have taken Tumeric here and there when I felt a possible swell coming on.

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