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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Reviews Incoming

Like the title says I will be posting some more reviews soon.  I have been forwarded ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) of two books by fellow Indie Authors that I am in the process of reading for review.

The first is The Forgotten Prince by Josh Hayes.

Release Date is 14 August, but I should have my review up in time.

The second book is Of Ice and Magic by Hugh B. Long.

Released on 16 July 2015, I will get this one done right after Josh's book.

I am also considering some more movie reviews in the future, and since I just reread it, a review of the book, The Martian, but I think I will wait until I see the movie on that one, compare and contrast.  I also came across some old notes of mine from discussions my oldest and I used to have about how I would remake/rewrite a certain movie franchise that I am considering posting, but I'm not sure yet if I should.  Time will tell.

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