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Monday, April 27, 2015

Spiral War: On Dagger's Wings Rereleased

Long story short I wasn't seeing much in the way of sales through my previous distributor/publisher.  So since I bought the ISBN for Spiral War: On Dagger's Wings, I decided to pull it back.  After some healthy edits to clean up grammar and punctuation mistakes left behind by myself, my editors, and some created during the conversion process I have rereleased Spiral War: On Dagger's Wings as a Kindle exclusive.

This move is for a few reasons:
#1:  It allows me to enroll SW: ODW into Kindle Select and Kindle Unlimited.  Many independent authors I have spoken with agree that KU has boosted their sales significantly.\

#2:  This rerelease allowed me to make some much needed edits, edits that if I had tried to make them through my previous distributor would have cost me.

#3:  I saw dismal, read almost no, sales out of the other e-book retailers, single digits from both B&N and iBooks.  Almost all sales thus far were through Kindle, so I am going to keep with that for now.

#4:  Hopefully this will generate renewed interest in the title as Book 2:  In Death's Shadow is forthcoming.  I have to put some finishing touches onto the last chapter, then it's off to the beta readers before one final scrub, assembly, and publication.

Anyone who purchased the previous revision of On Dagger's Wings should get the update automatically if they purchased through amazon.  For the few folks who bought the book through ibooks or B&N contact me directly with proof of purchase I and I will send you the update manually.

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